"Working with both Pam and her colleague Dana was an exceptional experience. This power team always responded to my texts and emails at any hour of the day and even weekends, at every step of the (especially crunched and condensed time frame my situation allowed) process Pam and Dana proved themselves to be incredibly knowledgeable and I am thankful to have had them on my team."
- Ethan Fregoe

"Good morning Darlene and Barbara,

I have been meaning to send you an email for quite some time now. However, with the move to the east coast, it had gotten lost in my things to do list. My husband accepted a job with Smithfield food's and their relocation company put us in contact with Pam for our house hunt in VA.

BOY were we lucky. Both Pam and Dana Have been immensely helpful with our move to the east coast. During our house hunt, they got us in to virtually tour properties in a timely manner. They both provided us with resources to make sure we are choosing an area we felt comfortable with. The showed us the good and bad of the houses we looked at, and didn't hide anything from us. We really made them work on finding an area we would feel safe in because we have an 8 month old. They worked on our schedule and stayed in contact throughout the entire process. They both have been extremely helpful even after we closed on our home.

Just the other day my husband and I were talking about how chaotic this whole process has been. The moving company who shipped our personal belongings had damaged some of our personal belongings. Phillip having to start work as soon as soon as he got out here. Trying to coordinate everything so this move was as painless as it could be. The part we both agree was the smoothest about the whole process was working with Pam and Dana. They both truly showed us hospitality, and have excelled past personal expectations.

We felt we needed to share this information on our experience with Pam and Dana, and their representation of the company in whole. We have nothing but praise for them and their work ethic in finding us a house we are comfortable and feel safe in. Now comes the fun part, making this house our home."

Thank you,
-Phillip and Rebecca Golom

"Pam is nothing short of amazing. We've worked with her four times now and would never use anyone else in Virginia. Absolutely trust her!"
Taylor Stott

"Best agent we have ever had. Her knowledge of staging our home to get max traffic through, and max selling price was spot on. Also great negotiator, got us closing costs on our new purchase in a market where that normally doesn't happen. Pam is a joy work work with, would recommend her to anybody."
Steve Herthel 

"The industry knowledge that Pam has greatly helped us not only find a location that fit our needs but also work through the added stress of buying a home in this current market."
Jeremy Cascio

"Pam is a breath of fresh air!  Her expertise and attention to detail is unparalleled.  We have been very fortunate to make her acquaintance when we purchased a home with her last year, and now able to sell with her this year.  She definitely is the difference.  We don't feel we could have done any better than working with Pam, and her team.  The professional staging advice she provided was invaluable, and has brought us 3 scheduled showings, and the listing has only been up 3 hours today!"
- Stephen Herthel

"Pam and Dana were fantastic and helped with all aspect of what we would have not been able to do."
- N.S, Smithfield

"Pam went above and beyond expectations in a hot and unforgiving market."
-Annie Murty

"We have been in our new home one month and we are still smitten with our new home. We will never forget Pamela’s effort and constant professionalism. Thank you and Meredith so much for all of your help."
–Joseph/Jennifer Gangemi,Smithfield

"I truly enjoyed the experience of finding a new home with you. I know you and your staff bent over backwards to accommodate my needs. I could tell by the conversations you had in my presence that you were quite savvy in accomplishing your tasks and it was greatly appreciated. If I learn of anyone else needing to purchase or sell a home, rest assured I will recommend your services. Thanks again"
–Mike Tomicich,Arrowhead, Virginia Beach

"Pam and I have worked together on several challenging real estate transactions in which Pam was the listing realtor and I was the seller’s attorney. Pam is thoroughly competent in handling the short sale process and in dealing with tough listings. Moreover, Pam has impressed me by forthrightly presenting to her financially distressed clients all of their options and risks, even when such disclosure might result in the client opting not to sell and Pam not getting a commission. And so you can see that Pam puts her clients' best interest and her professional integrity ahead of her own immediate monetary gain. Good work, Pam!!"
–Susan Walker, EsqJones & Walker, P.C.

"Pamela Frohman is such a God send. When the whole process of buying my first home began, I didn't have a clue as to what to expect. Pam kept me informed and always looked out for my best interest. It's important to know that even while working abroad you are in good hands. Pam is very knowledgeable and a strong negotiator, she handled my "every new home buyer need" despite many curveballs. Pamela's ability to adapt to change and problem solve made the whole process a huge success for me. I'm now the proud owner of my dream home. The extra mile, plus, that Pamela gives her clients sets her apart from the rest. Pamela is, by far, bar none, the best! I could not have been blessed with a better Realtor."
–Justine E. Bivens,Quaker Neck, Suffolk

"Your efforts, caring attitude, and professional insight in helping us sell our home and purchase our new home have been unmeasureable!! All of your reccommendations and ideas are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!"
–D.Q. Simpson,Sajo Farms, Norfolk

"I am in the real estate settlement business and deal with real estate agents every day. My previous agent had my house on the market 120 days with little activity. Pam's hard work paid off. We now have a contract on the house (on the market 5 weeks) and are scheduled to close! As long as Pam is a Realtor, I will be her customer."
–Daria Platte,Chesapeake